Advantage Clinical aims to provide comprehensive, performance based training for both established content as well as emerging topics. If you have an idea you would like to submit for development into a course offering, or would like to be considered as a content collaborator please email Fraser at fraser@advantage-clinical.com

Please include your detailed description for a course offering as well as any relevant information pertaining to your expertise on the topic. References, CV and telephone interview will be required for any prospective content authors.

Any of the courses offered by Advantage Clinical can be customized for any audience. Our team will work with you to select the appropiate content for your group and adjust pricing accordingly. 

We have adapted the course content for delivery in many local training platforms. Please contact info@advantage-clinical.com for more information on content and delivery customization.

By default course content will be available for 1 year from the purchase date for each student. Special requests to extend the availability of course content should be outlined at purchase or emailed to info@advantage-clinical.com

Licensing the training program(s) for your institution/group will eliminate the 1 year expiry on availability.

Job aides and tools are available for download and can be retained indefinately. If you have completed any course and your login has expired, please contact info@advantage-clinical.com for access to the content and/or job aides and tools. 

As part of Advantage Clinical's mission to improve research quality and efficiency, we offer in person and blended training upon request. Large groups are reccomended for in person training sessions. Depending on the nature and content of the training the length of in-person committment may range from 1-4 days. 

Training can be customized for your group's audience. 

Please contact info@advantage-clinical.com with your inquiries for in-person and blended training options. 

Job aides and tools are provided as part of the course offerings free of charge to students. These are provided in both Word and PDF format. If you have purchased a course you are free to use and modify any of the job aides for use in your research program without permission from Advantage Clinical. 

The Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training offered by Advantage Clinical has been recognized by Transcelerate, representing all of the major pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Click here for a list of Transcelerate Member Companies. 

Once Advantage Clinical's GCP training has been completed, a certificate will be issued including the recognition clause provided by Transcelerate. This will stand as evidence of adequate GCP training for any of the member companies or Transcelerate observers. 

**No more GCP training for every new study starting at your site!!**

Upon registration the course will be locked to one student's username. When any course is completed, a certificate will be issued with the student's name, course components completed and competion date. 

Ensuring adequate training in clinical research is a regulatory requirement for all staff involved in a clinical trial. The certificates issued by Advantage Clinical will stand as each student's training in their training record. 

Therefore each student will need to individually purchase and complete the training in order to be issued a certificate. 

Group and licensing discounts are available upon request. Pricing reductions are scaled to volume. Please contact info@advantage-clinical.com with for more information.

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